Corporate Overview

The business that became Ghisar Wireline was founded by Ghisar Ganjineh in mid - 1990's in Abu Dhabi UAE where he started as the only Middle Eastern distributor of Camesa Wireline Cable products. Then he expanded the business to spooling, used cables splice , Skid Units , drums ......

In 2004 he expanded his Business with a new division Well Services focused on Surveying & Production Logging Tools ( PLT ) to support the oil & gas companies request.


Well Services & Operations

This division is active on two main parts:

Surveying with Gyro on production and drilling wells (Oil & Gas)

Logging Open and Cased holes wells (Oil & Gas) with Production Logging Tools (PLT)

Sales & Cable Care

This division is separated into two main parts:


Ghisar Wireline offers a complete range of Wireline cables for every environment.

You can visit the Camesa products page to find detail about each product.

Repair, Splice & Spooling

New & used cables are another services for Ghisar Wireline clients.


The most common Wireline fluids offered by Ghisar Wireline are:

  • Blue Liine Spray Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Wireline Lubricants and Sealants
  • Hot Clean

Ghisar Wireline

Offers a complete range of Wireline cables. Sales & Cable care division plus downhole well logging services Well Services & Operation division for every environment including advanced production and reservoir engineering, petrophysical and geophysical data acquisition services. processing and analysis of open and cased hole data.

3D Survey
Well Log
Liquid O-ring®

Our key to success is following core values: