Cables care , Splice & Spooling

One of the most important business done by Ghisar Wireline is repairing the used cables and splice the broken or damaged cables.also Spool the new or used cables on drums This business has many famous clients in wireline companies field such as Baker Atlas , Scientefic Drilling , Weatherford wireline &

Spliced cables work many hours after repair.This hard job done by Ghisar Wireline workshop crew ,also this expert team do repair on Wirelines & Slicklines drum.

The electromechanical cable used in oilfield wire-line service operations must perform four basic functions. 1. Strength Member: The cable must have sufficient strength to carry an instrument package to any depth. In most cases the weight of a cable itself is the greatest part of the load. 2. Electrical Power: The conductors in the cable must be adequate to supply electrical power from the truck to the instrumentation at the bottom of the cable. 3. Electrical Communication: The electrical conductors must be suitable to transmit the electrical information generated by the down hole instruments to the computer or recorder in the truck. 4. Depth Measurements: The only method of measuring the depth, at which the down hole instruments are located (and the corresponding geological beds of interest), is to measure the length of cable that has been put into the bore-hole. Without accurate depth information the instrument data is of little value.


When installing a cable onto a drum, or reel, there must be one or two places in each revolution where the cable progresses away from one flange and moves toward the opposite flange, or else the cable will tend to pile up at a particular place on the drum. In order to determine the number of breaks which should be used in the spooling process it is important to understand the differences in the use of either a single break or a double break scheme. It is of prime importance to put a logging cable onto a winch using the proper spooling profile. The proper spooling profile is the profile that will match the tensions expected during logging as closely as possible. Drum crush will result if the cable is not installed properly. The procedure shows the spooling crew should be expert enough to do the job reliable.

Ghisar wireline Spooling crew with many years experience and done the job for many customers such as Baker Atlas , Scientific drilling , Weatherford Wireline , Falcon , be able to give the best spooling services to clients.


Hostile Environment

The principal chemicals which affect logging cables in hostile environment wells are hydrogen sulfide, H2S, carbon dioxide, CO2, and chlorides, Cl. It is well known that these chemicals can be present over very wide ranges of temperatures and concentrations in different wells. Because of this CAMESA MAKES NO GUARANTEES OR ENDORSEMENTS CONCERNING THE USE OF PARTICULAR ARMOR MATERIAL UNDER SPECIFIC FIELD CONDITIONS. Camesa will guarantee the construction of any line it manufactures. However, it is entirely up to the user to specify what type of armor material is best suited for use in a particular well.

All electro-mechanical cables (EM Cables) manufactured by Camesa, for oil field use, will operate successfully to the maximum rated bottom hole temperatures and to hydrostatic pressures of 30,000 p.s.i. or more. At extreme temperatures and pressures there are, however, several factors that must be considered.

Also The maximum temperature rating of oil field cables is based on the maximum temperature occurring at the bottom of the hole, where the tension of the cable is at a minimum. This is the normal condition of an oil well with the temperature of the hole, and therefore cable, decreasing up the hole to surface temperature. This means that at the bottom, where the cable experiences maximum temperature, it will be exposed to the minimum tension, and near the surface, it will experience maximum tension and minimum temperature.

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